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Appointment: Online Apoointment fetaure provides the facility to patient to book their appointment online. Here patient can book their opd appointment for any date according to available slots by making payment online.

OPD or the out patient :This Department is a wing of the hospital where the patient can seek consultation with a general physician or a specialist to discuss the health issues. In a hospital, it is the general OPD ward where patients are provided medical assistance and treatment. Under an OPD category, you are not required to stay or get admitted to the hospital. Modern OPDs provide a wide range of services such as illness diagnosis, medical tests and minor surgical injuries.

IPD-In- Patient:  An Inpatient Department of the hospital is equipped with beds, medical equipment, round the clock availability of doctors and nurses. An inpatient department or IPD is a unit of a hospital or a healthcare facility where patients are admitted for medical conditions that require appropriate care and attention.

Pharmacy: Pharmacy module is for managing medicines stock, selling and generating medicine bill. Managing medicines click on Medicines button. You can see all medicine list with their name and available stock here. If a medicine row shows as white color means it’s a stock is normal, if row color is sky blue it means its stock is below than reorder level, if row color is yellow means its stock below to minimum level and if row color is red that means medicine is out of stock.

Pathology: The Clinical Section of Pathology involves the medical interpretation and clinical laboratory analysis of body fluids like blood or urine and other specimens sent to a hospital. Subsets of clinical pathology include: chemistry, microbiology, and molecular studies.Pathology helps doctors diagnose and treat patients correctly.

Ambulance: Ambulance module is for managing ambulance vehicles and ambulance calls for patient travelling.

HR Management: The main function of the human resource is to make necessary staff arrangements, maintain staff attendance for the hospital.

TPA Management: TPA module is for managing third party administrator or Mediclaim insurance provider companies. A third-party administrator is a company that provides operational services such as claims processing and employee benefits management under contract to another company

Reports: This section provides all types of reports which are very important for management.

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