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School ERP systems offer numerous advantages for educational institutions. Here are some key benefits : 

1. Streamlined Administration

2. Enhanced Communication

3. Improved Data Management

4. Efficient Resource Allocation

5. Parent Engagement

6. Comprehensive Reporting

7. Secure Data Storage

8. Integration with Other Systems.

9. Scalability

School ERP

Fee Collection

The features of a fee management system typically include:
1. Fee Collection
2. Fee Structure Management
3. Fee Tracking and Monitoring
4. Automated Fee Calculation
5. Financial Reporting
6. Communication and Notifications
7. Integration with Other Systems
8. Data Security
9. Customization and Scalability
10. User-Friendly Interface

Admission Management

  1. Create admission application form.
  2. Quick enquiry form for maximum lead generation. 
  3. Fee payment online through secure payment gateways. This simplifies the payment process and reduces the chances of errors or delays.
  4. Offline payment option also available.

Transport Management

  1. Routes creation and vehicles addition.
  2. Assign route to student.
  3. Check Transport Report.
  4. Transport fees master management
  5.  Add pickup point.

Online Examinations

  1. Add/import question bank.
  2. Add question on particular exam.
  3. Assign/view student for Online exam.
  4. Evaluate Descriptive type Question.
  5. Check Online Exam Rank Report.

HR Management

  • Platform for Employee Details, Leaves, Payroll, salary.
  • Biometric integration for staff attendance.
  • Genrate payslip and other reports.
  • Reduces time and effort.


  1. Multi Branch.
  2. Behaviour Records.
  3. Zoom Live Classes.
  4. Gmeet Live Class.
  5. Online Course.
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